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Who We are

Shomota is a social business that is providing you with beautiful, sustainable cloth menstrual pads. We are empowering women to love their bodies, its natural cycles and the environment in which they are surrounded. We are breaking down the barriers of gender inequality and training women as artisans, from marginalized communities in Kolkata, India, giving them hope and opportunity for their future. Join us in creating a healthier world, one menstrual cycle at a time.

Shomota Pads

Shomota, meaning equality in the Bengali language, is empowering women and girls throughout India with our Pads for Empowerment program. For every Shomota Pad that you purchase,we are able to provide pads to marginalized women and girls through this program. Unite with us to bring empowering menstrual products to many marginalized women and girls that need healthy sustainable ways to care for their period.

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