Good Karma is the New Black Friday

We have joined the movement to give back during Black Friday and when you purchase Shomota products you’ll be giving back as well. The company, The Wild Unknown, has gathered over 300 retailers and together we have pledged to change the way Black Friday is done.

Good Karma is the New Black Friday. 

Kim Krans, the owner of The Wild Unknown states, “Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday are infamous for stirring up a frenzy of expectations and feelings of lack and scarcity. Yes, there’s an increase in sales — but they always seem to leave us feeling disconnected and conflicted, and with an unfulfilling sense of what the holidays are all about.”

To kick off this holiday season, Shomota is not only giving you 10% off all our products (use the code: goodkarma at checkout), we will be giving 25% of all proceeds, from today to the end of the month, to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

November is Native American Heritage Month. It is also the time of year that Americans gather together over turkey and stuffing, watch football and get crazy deals on Black Friday. But remember…

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner, there are hundreds of people outside in the freezing temperatures.

As you are drinking your clean water, they are fighting to protect theirs.

As you camp out for Black Friday to get your latest gadget, they are camping out to protect their sacred land.

As you remember the story you were told as a child about the peace that was made between the Pilgrims and Native Americans on the first Thanksgiving, make sure you tell your children that right now, today, there are Native Americans being shot with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons.

Shomota is standing with Standing Rock. 

We care about creating a sustainable environment. We care about the sacredness of body and earth. We believe that water is life and we don’t believe the Dakota Access Pipeline is in line with our views.

If you would like to do more for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe please read this Huffington Post article about who to call, how to volunteer and where to send supplies.

Let us all work together to protect our Mother Earth and keep her beautiful.

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