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About Us

In 2012, our co-founder, Meghan, read an article on how teenage girls in South Asia were facing many problems in attending school because of menstruation. After two years of living in a marginalized community in India, she knew many girls that had dropped out of school and desired to create a way for them to complete their education.

Later that year, our co-founder, Luke and his wife Elisabeth, moved into the marginalized community with Meghan. Luke quickly began seeing how many of his neighbors were being exploited for their work and desired a place of work where they could get fair wages and treatment.

Together, Luke and Meghan began to create a business plan where vulnerable women from their community could be empowered and trained as artisans, while earning a fair wage for their work. And where the girls and women could have access to healthy sustainable ways in caring for their menstrual needs, giving them the ability to continue their schooling or work. After many months of planning, Shomota's doors opened for business at the end of 2014. 

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