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Shomota understands that we all need to work together with the earth, instead of exploiting it, to create sustainable living conditions. We are generating ways in which menstrual products can be reduced and reused for the care of our environment.

Over half-a-billion females live in India and estimates are that each woman who is menstruating could use at least 160 disposable pads per year, creating an astronomical amount of waste. Many women live in communities without access to appropriate disposal options. This means that pads are thrown away in drains, canals and other random disposal sites. Not to mention, the pads that end up in the landfill take hundreds of years to disintegrate. Through the seminars and workshops that we facilitate, we also spend time discussing the waste produced through the use of disposable products and in general try to raise awareness and consciousness of the ways that our lives affect the environment.

Also in this day and age, we are learning more and more about the ways the chemicals and toxins in everyday objects affect us. We are learning that many of the chemicals used to create disposable pads are proving to actually contribute to risk of infection and other health complications. Shomota pads are made with chemical free 100% cotton which helps to lessen the risk of infection and because they are reusable, reducing the amount of waste.

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