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Shomota believes every girl has a right to education and we are creating ways in which menstruation will not stand in the way of that right and create an environment where they can learn about their bodies and menstrual cycles.

As Shomota began and has grown, we have found ourselves in the midst of discussions with women and have heard story after story about the misconceptions they have about their own bodies and periods. Many women share that they were never informed about menstruation before the start of their periods. These women often feel subjugated and disempowered through the various situations they face due to the lack of education and refusal to discuss these kinds of issues.

As a result of these heartbreaking stories, and through hiring our social worker, we have developed a curriculum aimed to help educate women about their periods. First explaining what a period is, what happens physically to the body, and then how to manage their periods through the use of menstrual products, healthy diet and exercise. We have then taken that curriculum and started to visit girls schools, businesses and nonprofits working with women, and group homes to conduct these workshops. Through these workshops we offer the opportunity for the women to share their own stories and to ask questions in a judgement-free, completely open environment. There is often a lot of laughter and shock at the brazenness of creating a forum for this kind of discussion, but we believe that that very stigma and not talking about the subject actually only further entrenches misconceptions.

We are proud to offer a healthy space to talk about the deep value of being able to menstruate and that it means that women are made to be the bearers of life. We believe that this is something to be celebrated. And our hope is that as these women participate in the seminars and workshops they will learn about their bodies and be reminded of their own value and be encouraged to be a voice for their own health and futures.

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