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Shomota is striving to create cycles of empowerment that break down cycles of poverty and inequality, where empowered women empower women. We hope that through Shomota, women feel empowered to love their bodies and be themselves.

Women from marginalized communities in India are often told that their lives don’t matter and the only purpose they have is for bearing children and taking care of the household. Unfortunately many women have become accustom to the inferiority, accept it as their fate and don’t find the need to speak up for themselves. They are silenced as victims of the patriarchal system.

These ideas also dissuade women from going out and getting jobs unless they are forced into a situation where they need income. When their husband dies, leaves or is not able to work theyare forced to search for a job and with little or no professional skills they often get exploited for their work. At Shomota we empower all of our employees by giving them fair living wages.

The reality that many women are not treated as equals in India is a driving force behind our desire to see them empowered. We are creating a safe space for women to share openly and find their voice and then encouraging them to go and share with others. We are helping them understand that each of their stories are powerful and can change the lives of those around them.

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