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Shomota promotes equality in every aspect of life, everyone has the right to be treated equal. Focusing on gender equality, we desire to be a part of a world where all women are seen and treated as equals and their menstrual cycles don't hinder them from participating fully in life.

Throughout India, women living in marginalized communities are generally defined by their role in the household. They are the ones that cook and clean and the one that takes care of the children. There has also been a precedent for having male children, so female infanticide has been a huge issue skewing the gender ratio throughout the country.

Besides these common views upon girls and women, there are many restrictions placed on women just because they menstruate. Generally they are not welcomed at the religious functions, they are told they can’t touch certain foods or it will spoil and they can’t shower until they have finished bleeding. These taboos among many others have put limitations on how the females in India can live their lives.

Here at Shomota we are working towards gender equality, not only for the women that we employee, but for every woman we come in contact with. While leading our seminars, workshops and monthly discussion groups, we bring awareness to the reality that women are equal and that equality does not depend on whether they are menstruating.

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