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Meet the Artisans


Shona is the first woman who started sewing at Shomota. A single mother, abandoned by her husband. Before working at Shomota, she was a domestic housemaid and staying up late sewing from her house. She has an infectious smile and brings us a lot of laughter. When asked what she likes about working at Shomota she said that she loves the flexible hours and the fair wages which help to support her and her son.


Bobi is a young widow, with two young sons, and the three of them live with her brothers family. After being employed off and on for a basic tailoring job, Bobi heard about Shomota and came to check us out and joined us soon after. Bobi says that she is very appreciative of the fair wages she receives at Shomota, as it has enabled her to pay for both of her sons to attend school.


Lokhi aunty was searching for a job, because her husband is unable to work after an accident made his leg unmobile. After a 7 year hiatus on a sewing machine, she is slowly picking it up again. With adult children she brings some age and grace to our community. She loves that Shomota’s office is walking distance from her house and the flexible hours let her come and go as she is able. She also loves that Shomota is paying her a fair living wage.


Krity is a recent newlywed, her husband’s family does not approve of their marriage and is forced to live separately from him at this time. She joined us to save up money to be able to live with her husband. Having previous training as a tailor, she has learned quickly how to sew Shomota pads. Krity loves the environment of equality at Shomota and calls us her family. She also enjoys the challenge that the designs of Shomota pads has given her to improve her sewing ability.

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