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Our Vision

Shomota seeks to provide women with healthy,sustainable, handmade menstrual products while living out our mantra of equality, empowerment, education and eco-consciousness.

Equality - Shomota promotes equality in every aspect of life, everyone has the right to be treated equal. Focusing on gender equality, we desire to be a part of a world where all women are seen and treated as equals and their menstrual cycles don't hinder them from participating fully in life.

Empowerment -Shomota is striving to create cycles of empowerment that break down cycles of poverty and inequality, where empowered women empower women. We hope that through Shomota, women feel empowered to love their bodies and be themselves.

Education - Shomota believes every girl has a right to education and we are creating ways in which menstruation will not stand in the way of that right and create an environment where they can learn about their bodies and menstrual cycles.

Eco-Consciousness - Shomota understands that we all need to work together with the earth, instead of exploiting it, to create sustainable living conditions. We are generating ways in which menstrual products can be reduced and reused for the care of our environment.

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