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Pads for Empowerment

For every Shomota pad you purchase, you are enabling us to run the Pads for Empowerment program!Women in India face many difficulties regarding the management of their periods. For many women, besides social stigma issues, finances prove to be the number one obstacle to safe,healthy products. Shomota, as a result of being moved by these women's’ dilemmas, has created a scheme called “Pads for Empowerment”. The primary purpose of this is to provide women from marginalized communities to have access to cloth pads which are usable, healthy, and safe for them at a price that they can afford.

These are the normal Shomota pads, offered at drastically reduced rates. Costs cover only the cost of production, with no mark-up. We offer these to teenage girls attending school and women from marginalized communities for individual sale and or through contact with an NGO or other social business working with women from marginalized backgrounds. We have also created a fundraising packet that will help our partner groups raise funds to subsidize the purchase of Shomota pads.

Shomota carries the Gada and Poddo pocket pads specifically for the Pads for Empowerment program. These pads were designed with women from marginalized poor communities in mind.

The pocket pad is designed with a winged shape of cloth and two pockets that are used to insert a folded piece of cotton flannel. The folded insert is easily changeable and then, when washed can be unfolded and hung to dry as an inconspicuous piece of cloth.

We believe in the importance of each woman having the means to manage their menstruation in a way that is empowering and healthy. And thus we are committed to partnering locally, nationally and internationally, as we need to ensure that women do have the opportunities to purchase our pads.

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